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Your gas boiler and hot water heating equipment are built to last a long time, but even the best heating equipment breaks down, and needs service. When this happens, service calls along with parts and labor can be very expensive. HEATSPANS parts protection plan is like an insurance plan for your gas boiler and hot water tank. The cost of replacement parts for your heating equipment continues to rise like almost everything else…

To give you an idea of today’s pricing: One service call can cost up to $165.00. To give you an example on part pricing, one combination gas valve cost $575.00 installed. A universal water feeder cost $785.00 installed. And an automatic vent damper cost $675.00 installed at today’s prices.

Just one of the above part replacements will more than pay for your plan. By enrolling now you’ll never have to worry about costly replacement parts ever again. It’s relief for your wallet. One price, one plan, does it all.

Even more important, when there is six inches of snow on your steps and your heating equipment breaks down, you get fast priority service over non-members and no service charge, so rest easy and stay warm with Heatspan.

Heatspans Fast response parts protection plan is the only protection plan you’ll ever need for your home heating equipment. Simple as A, B, C. Enroll today to ensure your family a warm and safe winter.

Boiler Repair Brooklyn
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