Fast Response Parts Protection Plan

For priceless peace of mind and reassurance, ask about our valuable and unbeatable Parts Protection Plan under which our expert technicians, who are ready to move at a moment’s notice, shall provide all labor and replace all defective parts on your equipment free of charge. No longer would you be suddenly required to upset your budget with expensive heating and cooling repairs when you least expect to do so. And fast, reliable service would merely be a phone call away.

We offer a protection plan that makes the break as painless as possible.

Heatspan offers a warranty for your HVAC system. If you have trouble with any part of your heating, cooling, or ventilation system, our certified technicians provide dependable service upon which you can rely. We provide 24/7 emergency services and can be reached at any time.

  1. Vacuum and clean Main Gas Burner.
  2. Vacuum and clean Chimney Base.
  3. Inspect and clean Blower Motor.
  4. Clean Furnace Combustion Chamber.
  5. Clean Ignition Components (Intermittent Ignition or Standing Pilot).
  6. Replace Water Level Gauge Glass.
  7. Replace Gauge Glass Gaskets and Washers.
  8. Adjust Aquastat or Pressuretrol.
  9. Inspect and Lubricate all pumps, linkages and other moving parts.
  10. Ensure Electrical Connections are secured and proper.
  11. Test for Carbon Monoxide spillage.
  12. Test for the quality and adequacy of Primary and Secondary Air in Boiler Room.
  13. Test Burner Starting reliability.
  14. Test all Safety Controls.
  15. Inspect and Test Switches and Relays.
  16. Test and inspect Transformers.
  17. Check all Pipe and Tubing connections, including Hartford Loop and Pig Tails for Pressure Controls (Pressuretrols) and Pressure-Temperature Gauges.
  18. Perform Gas Leak Checks.
  19. Inspect Chimney Base and Flue Pipe.
  20. Inspect and Test Vent Damper.
  21. Check quality of Pilot Flame.
  22. Inspect all Ducts.
  23. Check Low Water Cut Off.
  24. Check Automatic Water Feeder.
  25. Check all Valves (Pressure Regulating Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Mixing Valve, Diverter Valve, Check Valve, Bleeder Valve, Zone Valve, Combination Gas Valve, Flow Valve, Manual Shut Off Valves, Drain Valves).
  26. Inspect Circulator Pump(s).
  27. Check Flame Sensor (Thermocouple, Thermopile, Flame Rod, UV Scanner, Photo Cell, Bimetallic Flame Sensor, Diaphragm and Capillary Gas Filled Sensor).
  28. Check Boiler Sections.
  29. Check Burner Manifold and Burners.
  30. Inspect Temperature-Pressure Gauge.
  31. Check and Inspect Blocked Vent and Flame Roll Out Switches.
  32. Inspect and Check Flow Switches (water/air).
  33. Check Automatic Air Valve(s).
  34. Check Backflow Preventer.
  35. Inspect and Test Expansion Tank.
  36. Inspect and Check all Control Modules and Printed Circuit Boards.
  37. Check all Belts, Shafts, Vanes, Impellers and Bearings on Pumps, Fans and Blowers.
  38. Check Fuel Gas Pressure.
  39. Inspect and Test Tekmar, Honeywell, Heat Timer and Entech Burner Controls and Monitors.
  40. Inspect and Test Outdoor and Indoor Temperature Sensors.
  41. Adjust and/or Program Thermostat.
  42. Inspect Quality of Burner Flame and make necessary adjustment(s).
  43. Conduct Flue Gas check to determine Boiler efficiency and to make Air/Fuel adjustment.


Your gas boiler and hot water heating equipment are built to last a long time, but even the best heating equipment breaks down, and needs service. When this happens, service calls along with the parts and labor can be very expensive.


The Parts Protection is insurance for your gas boiler or furnace, and hot water tank. The cost of replacement parts for your heating equipment continues to rise like almost everything else. To give you an idea of today’s price: One service call can cost up to $165.00, plus parts and labor charges. To give you an example on part pricing one combination gas valve cost $575.00 installed. A universal water Feeder cost $785.00 installed. An automatic vent damper cost $675.00 installed at today’s prices.


Just one of the above part replacements will more than pay for your Plan. By enrolling now you’ll never have to worry about costly replacement parts ever again! It’s relief for your wallet. One price, one plan, does it all.


Even more important, when there is six inches of snow on your steps and your heating equipment breaks down, you get fast priority service over non-members and no service charge. So rest easy and stay warm with the Parts Protection Plan.


Maintenance is included in the Parts Protection Plan C. Our EPA Certified Technicians will do the startup maintenance which consist of vacuuming the main gas burner on your boiler, chimney base, oiling, lubricating all moving mechanisms, parts, motors, and pumps. They will also check for the Carbon Monoxide coming back into your home to insure that you and your family are comfortable, warm and safe.


INCLUDES 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE, MAINTENANCE, PARTS & LABOR. Your Parts Protection Plan C will be a relief for your pocket book. You pay one affordable price that covers the parts listed below. Your Hot Water Tank is also covered in The New Upgraded Parts Protection Plan.

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