Professional Chimney Rebuilds You Can Trust!

A chimney which is neglected for too long is a disaster waiting to happen. Many homeowners assume that because their chimneys are strong and made of brick they don’t need much attention, but this isn’t true. Your chimney is subject to aging and is also vulnerable to storms, earthquakes and other acts of nature. When it sustains sufficient damage, irrespective of the cause, it may need to be rebuilt.

When Do You Need a Chimney Rebuild Service?

  • When you detect eroded pointing: This is a common chimney issue that if not addressed will speed up the development of additional problems involving water entry, stability and deterioration. If you perform chimney inspections annually, you should catch it early and all that will be required is localized repointing.
  • When the brickwork is cracked: Any cracks in the brickwork should be a cause for concern. It is usually a sign of an aging chimney that should be addressed as soon as possible as a strong gust of wind can loosen the chunks. Tough winters will take their toll on the mortar joints, and any cracks in the brick work allows for the entry of water which will then freeze, leading to expansion that will loosen the masonry further.
  • When you notice leaks near the chimney stack: Patches on the wall or ceiling near the chimney which are damp is a sign that the chimney stack is leaking. If this problem is not addressed soon, the dampness will lead to the growth of fungus which causes decay that can ultimately result in the bow or collapse of the ceiling. The root cause of this problem is defective flashing near the chimney, which is usually caused by using cheap mortar fillets rather than lead, which is superior albeit more expensive.

Common Chimney Rebuild Problems

Rebuilding a chimney takes considerable experience, skill and patience. This is not a job that should be attempted as a DIY project, due to the intricacies and safety issues involved. For instance, in the location where the chimney is taken down, you’ll need to know where to terminate the demolition, which is usually just above the flashings. If this is not done correctly, you could run into serious trouble, and when removing the entire chimney the original opening will have to be covered.

Choose Heat Span for Chimney Rebuilds Today

Heat Span is an industry leader when it comes to rebuilding chimneys. We will ensure that the new stack closely resembles the original, with the same style and height. As such, we will take pictures of your original chimney before beginning the project to ensure it is rebuilt correctly, and in many cases we will reuse the original bricks, which is a good form of recycling. Should your chimney pot need replacement, we will remove the unstable pot and then perform rebedding on the new tiles. Finally, we will hack off the flaunching which has become loose and replace it with a mortar mix that is more suitable and water resistant. Contact us today!