Professional Chimney Inspections You Can Trust!

Although newer heating methods have been introduced over the last century, many people can’t resist the charm of a gold old fashioned fireplace. However, one consequence of enjoying those crackling flames is the buildup of creosote, which is a significant contributor to chimney fires. While gas fireplaces have advantages, they are also subject to obstruction resulting from debris within. It is for this reason your chimney should be inspected annually.

When Do You Need a Chimney Inspection Service?

  • When you notice a buildup of soot, creosote or debris: The inspector will come over to your house with a flashlight, and will look inside the chimney for signs of damage, soot or debris which can obstruct it. This initial evaluation will determine whether or not sweeping is needed. If it is, the chimney sweep consists of brushing, vacuuming and extension poles which are used to clear it out.
  • When your property has recently experienced extreme weather conditions: Blizzards, earthquakes, storms or flooding can have a major impact on your chimney. In addition to the standard chimney inspection that the technician will perform, they will also check your attic, roof and nearby crawl spaces to find any signs of disrepair. They will use more advanced equipment such as video scanning to detect things that are not visible to the human eye.
  • When your chimney has sustained serious damage: While the chimney is durable and long lasting structure, it is not impervious to aging or damage. When it occurs, homeowners should take it seriously as most chimneys are extremely heavy and constructed from brick, and should they fall or collapse in part or whole they pose a life threatening risk to anyone that is close to them. If an inspector determines that the damage to your chimney is irreversible, they may decide to demolish and rebuild it.

Common Chimney Inspection Problems

While a chimney obstruction is easy for most untrained people to detect, there are other problems which are more insidious and difficult to see. If you attempt to inspect the chimney yourself or hire someone who is unqualified to do it, you run the risk of failing to detect problems with the brick work that only a trained professional would notice. A chimney that has issues with its brick is prone to crumbling, leaning, or falling over completely and occasional maintenance is required to ensure water doesn’t gain entry. This is why it is so important to hire a team like Heat Span, as we have extensive knowledge of chimney installation, maintenance and repair, and will ensure your chimney has mortar which gives it the necessary stability.

Choose Heat Span for Chimney Inspections Today

The chimney inspections which are performed by Heat Span are comprehensive. We will review every inch of the structure, and if there is an existing issue or potential problem, we’ll find it. We’ll explain in layman’s terms why the problem has occurred, and the best way to prevent it. This fix could range from tuck pointing to replacing the chimney completely. Contact us today!