Professional Chimney Cleaning You Can Trust!

Before the temperatures drop during fall and winter, and you begin using your fireplace, you should check it to ensure its safe to use. A study from the National Fire Protection Association found that a leading cause of house heating fires was forgetting to keep the chimney clean. It is a chore, and not one which should be done DIY, as a technician who is CSIA certified will insure that your chimney is not only cleaned, but inspected for other potential issues.

When Do You Need a Chimney Cleaning Service?

  • When you want to remove creosote: Creosote is a material that is flammable that is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. It can catch fire and if this occurs the flames could then reach your attic or other areas of the home.
  • When you want to remove acidic materials: When your fireplace and chimney go through a process of combustion, which always occurs when fires are started, over time acidic materials will be deposited on the surface which will gradually weaken both the masonry and metal components of the chimney, which will cause them to deteriorate sooner than they should. Annual cleaning will prevent this.
  • When you want to block strong winds: During winter, the northeastern U.S. is sometimes subject to strong winds and rain, which can damage chimneys. In fact, the CSIA states that a chimney should ideally have a rain cover or cap so that water is kept out, as it is a major contributor to chimney failure.
  • When you want to prevent animals from nesting: A chimney that isn’t used regularly could be selected by animals such as birds as a place to establish their nests. This is foolish on the bird’s part; and it is even more foolish for homeowners not to remove it. A nest will be comprised of branches, leaves and twigs which will obstruct the chimney and cause all sorts of problems.

Common Chimney Cleaning Problems

Many homeowners are reluctant to hire a professional to clean their chimney, usually because they assume its easy work and they want to save money. The reality however is that quality chimney cleaning requires skill, experience and specialized tools, which most homeowners do not have. Furthermore, while cleaning your chimney the qualified technician from Heat Span will be able to spot additional problems that someone inexperienced would never detect. Finally, cleaning the chimney will require you to climb up onto the roof and if your house is two stories high or more and you slip and fall you could be seriously injured.

Choose Heat Span for Chimney Cleaning Today

Don’t cut corners when it comes to getting your chimney cleaned; doing so can put your entire home at risk. We have the tools to get rid of all the creosote or soot so that the passageway from the fireplace to the top of the chimney is clear. Additionally, we will be on the lookout for other problems that require attention and make our recommendations as needed. Contact us today!