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A boiler is a fundamental part of the heating of many homes. In fact, most houses in the United States are heated either by a boiler or furnace. The boiler works by using high pressure in order to heat up the water, after which the water will transform into a heated vapor that is circulated throughout the building. While boilers have few mechanical parts and last a while as a consequence, they do eventually have to be replaced.

When Do You Need a Boiler & Heater Replacement Service?

  • When you want a newer, quieter model: Older boilers are notorious for the sound they make while operating, which was one of the main downsides of their usage. The newer generation boilers use materials which are far quieter, which is invaluable if it’s located on the opposite side of your bedroom wall.
  • When you want a boiler that is smaller: Bigger boils aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Aside from their weight, they tend to be noisy, and if they are larger than the building needs they can produce excessive heat that could ultimately damage internal components. Newer boilers are usually smaller which means you have more options to choose from when deciding where to put them. Some homeowners place them behind their cupboards, which is much harder to accomplish with larger units. A smaller boiler will also give you more space.
  • When you want better heating controls: Newer boilers come equipped with TRVs and refined heating controls. This gives you better management over the temperature in each individual room. The TRV will deactivate its radiator when the surrounding air reaches a specific temperature. Such as feat is not possible with older boilers, which heated all the rooms of the home at the same temperature with few options for controlling it.

Common Boiler & Heater Replacement Problems

Problems with boiler replacement usually result from selecting the wrong models or an inferior unit. Such boilers may not radiate heat, and will be hot near the bottom but cold at the top. This usually means the pipes are rusty or there is a pump problem. Another issue you might run into when replacing a boiler is the pilot light of the replacement constantly going out. This typically means that you’ve got a thermocouple which is faulty, or the seals have been damaged. Heat Span has dealt with all these problems in the past, and we prevent them with our own clients by ensuring the boilers we install are high in quality and operable. We bleed our radiators to eliminate air which becomes trapped, and during winter we will thaw condensate pipes.

Choose Heat Span for Boiler & Heater Installations Today

Getting your boiler correctly replaced is critically important. Did you know that poor replacement could result in the leakage of carbon monoxide throughout your home? Heat Span prides itself on knowing everything there is to know about boilers, and we continue to keep abreast of new developments and technologies. Contact us today and we’ll replace your aging boiler the right way!