CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS WILL GET THE JOB DONE Heatspan recommends you maintenance your heating equipment twice a year. In the beginning of the season and then again at the end of the season to keep you heating equipment in optimal condition. Did you know that a coating of One Quarter inch of soot in a furnace reduces the efficiency by one half? Or a dirty chimney is a fire hazard? Preventative Maintenance will provide a safe operational heating unit in your home. To ensure that your family has a warm and safe winter. Call and make your appointment now!


Needless to say, at Heatspan, the satisfaction of our valued customers is of utmost importance, and we are constantly working and striving 24/7 to keep them comfortable throughout the year, and particularly in Winter and Summer.

You would be well advised to opt for our ’round the clock’ Parts Protection Plan which would entirely cover all necessary service and maintenance, that is relatively free of charge when one weighs the huge expenses incurred in obtaining new parts and labor against our simple, affordable and easy plan.

In any event, if you call us, our team of experienced, reliable, fast, efficient and friendly technicians are ready, willing and able to take care of all service and repairs pertaining to your Heating and/or Cooling system.



Here at Heatspan our number one priority is making and keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year, so if you need to replace an inefficient or broken heating or cooling system, we will promptly do so with the best, most reliable makes and models in Heating/Venting/Cooling Equipment that is available and suitable for your specific purpose. So to replace an old, inefficient or broken Boiler, Furnace or Hot Water Tank, or a new Cooling System, in record time, call Heatspan today to schedule a visit from our Field Supervisor who shall answer all your questions and provide you with the facts and quotes regarding all your Heating and/or Cooling needs.

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