Professional Air Conditioning Replacement You Can Trust!

Air conditioners are manufactured with moving parts, and as such, it is not a matter of if they will eventually need to be replaced, but when. The best brands will last much longer than poor ones, but they too will ultimately have to be replaced. This is much easier to do if you recognize the problem early on, as waiting until the AC system stops working completely can leave you stuck at home sweating buckets on a sweltering summer day.

When Do You Need an Air Conditioning Replacement Service?

  • When little air is being emitted from the vents: If you turn on the AC, and can only feel a small amount of air coming through the vents, this means that it will not circulate around the room as it should. It usually means that the compressor is malfunctioning, but it is sometimes an indication of problems with the ducts. Because of the uncertainty, it is best to call a professional to have it inspected.
  • When you hear noises inside the AC: If you hear sounds such as scraping, grinding or squealing coming through the AC unit when you’re running it, this is usually a sign that the belt has fallen out of position. This is a critical issue that warrants a call to your local technician as it can damage other, more costly parts.
  • When you detect an unpleasant smell coming from the AC unit: Your AC unit should never smell bad. A pungent scent is usually an indication that the insulation wiring within the machine has completely burned out. If you detect a musty scent, this means that you’ve got mold inside the unit, probably within the ductwork. This is a time sensitive issue as your family could become ill.
  • When the AC is emitting warm air: Your AC unit has a simple job, to keep your home cool with humidity as low as possible. If you notice that your AC is not performing well during the hottest months of the year, blowing out warm air rather than cold, this means a call to an AC technician is in order.

Common Air Conditioning Replacement Problems

Your AC system is a complex machine and a real marvel of ingenuity. For that reason, unless you are qualified, you shouldn’t be trying to fix these issues yourself. Not only will you most likely not fix anything, you could further damage the machine or even injure yourself. There are two types of problems that AC units experience, those that warrant repairs and those that warrant replacement. Only a technician from a company such as Heat Span will be able to tell difference.

Choose Heat Span for Air Conditioning Replacement Today

Heat Span is a highly regarded heating and cooling company that is based in New York. NYC receives hot summers and very cold winters and due to the large number of people that live here we work daily with every type of AC issue you can imagine, and some you probably can’t. We will review your AC system, figure out why it isn’t working as it should, and get it replaced, if need be. Contact us now!