All machinery breaks down at some point, but this does not necessarily mean the HVAC unit needs to be replaced. Our
qualified specialists will assess the air conditioner and provide the option to repair the broken components, if it is possible.

Certified technicians will get the job done

Certified technicians will get the job done.

We will
  • Assess the level of damage to the air conditioning unit
  • Provide a quote for the repairs
  • Get the necessary parts and tools
  • Repair the unit to extend its function, keeping you comfortable longer

How do you know that it is time to repair the airconditioner?

We will
  • The filtration system no longer functions properly and air quality is noticeably poorer
  • The unit is no longer lowering the humidity indoors
  • There is an unexplained spike in price on your energy bill
Installation Services
Installation Services

Avoid the repair pitfalls by hiring somebody that you trust.

It might be tempting to make repairs yourself, but it can be dangerous without the proper training. We use specialized tools that can cause more damage if they are not used the right way.

Our repair services include:
  • A full assessment of the air conditioning unit
  • Repairs to the necessary parts
  • Work done by a certified technician that is happy to answer any of your questions

Why is Heatspan the right choice?

  • We assess the damage prior to getting down to business
  • Our certified technicians will get to the root of the problem and find the appropriate solution
Installation Services

If your chill has been replaced by ill, call us today.